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It’s in the (Library) Bag

Posted on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 in Art, Good Reads, Library Bag

As I cautiously wield my way through the library with books piled to almost disaster, my friend (and favorite librarian) stops me. She speaks to me through the precariously stacked books so that all I hear is a mumble, and then my weight shifts quickly as I feel one more book added to the top of my pile.

She must have just recommended a book to me, I think to myself.

“Thanks!” I say through my wall of words and stories and continue on the path to the checkout counter.

The book turned out to be Press Here by Herve Tullet.  Press Here invites young and old to interact with what seems to be a few simple circles of color.  I don’t mean that it has flaps to lift or tags to pull.  It’s just you and the book.  As you press, tap, and blow on the colors, the circles multiply, get tossed about, and even get lost in the dark.

When my husband commented, “It should be an app!”, I hit him.  With an app you expect objects to move around and lights to flicker,  the imagination behind this gem is that the author/illustrator makes those things happen with the help of a reader and some paper, no electronics necessary.

When I find an unfamiliar author, I can’t help but look to see if he/she has more books waiting for my eager hands.  This author did not disappoint.

Today, our library trip produced The Book with a Hole.  One reading led to giggles which led to a flurry of ideas, which led to LEGO sculptures, and finally a few of our own “what can we make with a hole in the middle of the page?” drawings.

“What are you going to feed it?”


“Did she eat too much too?”


“Who’s the king of the castle?”

“What is he holding?”


“What does its face look like?”


“You dare put your hand through the hole?”


“Make his tongue.”

“Make the tallest building.”


“Make the statue.”


“You could put your own picture here.”


“Can you put on a play?”

Activities you could do with this book:

  • Only read a few pages a day, savoring each new activity.
  • Create you own black and white drawing with sharpie and cardstock centered around a hole (it doesn’t have to be a circle, it could be a different shape).
  • Create your own book with card stock and a whole in the middle (make the whole a square for a different challenge).
  • Bring the book to a group of friends and enjoy together!


“What sad song is she singing?”

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