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Imaginary Creatures with Carla Sonheim

Posted on Friday, July 6, 2012 in Art

We might as well start an official Carla Sonheim fan club at our house.  Her book, Drawing Lab, along with her online art classes, have been instrumental is loosening our pen and our imagination.

We just finished an online class called Imaginary Creatures and you can see some of the step-by-step work on my other blog.

Here is a gallery of some of the work the kids and I created during the class.

(the 7 year old, a brave week of art making for the boy)

(the 9 year old, below)

(the 11 year old, below)

(my blobby guy, along with my bird at the top)


For a  glance into the day to day of this class, click over to my other blog.

We would love to have you join us for her next class, which starts this monday.  It’s entitled faces 101, entitled so because we’ll make one hundred and one faces in one week!  Each day includes 1 warm-up sheet, 1 drawing assignment, 1 painting assignment, and 2 instructional videos.  The cost is only $35 and the entire family can participate.

Or you might like one of her other upcoming online classes:

Watercolor Transfer Paintings

Cereal Box Paper Dolls

She also has three books available through Amazon (two are pre-order):

Drawing Lab

Drawing and Painting Imaginary Creatures

The Art of Silliness


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