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Art In Time For Summer

Posted on Sunday, April 15, 2012 in Art, Reviews, Uncategorized

I have a thing for art.

I’ve always had a thing for art, but sharing the experience with my kids through these homeschool years had increased my love exponentially.

Several days a week we find ourselves with sketchbooks and paints and sharpies during an assignment for Sketch Tuesday, an assignment from Artistic Pursuits, a project for art class in our little co-op, or just many hands sketching while I read.

This year the focus has been slightly narrowed down to drawing and watercolor skills, based on the Artistic Pursuit’s book were doing this year, and because the supplies for these mediums are so easy to grab and use. (We varied things up a bit more when we studied Van Gogh in the later winter/early spring).

A New Art Book

Recently my friend and local librarian sent me a recommendation for DK’s My Art Book: Amazing Art Projects Inspired by Masterpieces.

I’ve always enjoyed DK books and My Art Book contains all of the elements I expect to find in their books : crisp and colorful illustrations, step by step directions, and projects that look inviting and do-able.

Flipping through the pages got my hands itching to mix some paint with ashes and berries and make a cave painting.

Or work in 3d to create a sculptured African mask.

I wanted to think about portraits in a new way as I gazed at the work of Guiseppe Arcimboldo and imagined what we could do with food, some Legos, and a camera.

Along with the overly familiar VanGogh sunflowers(the image from the book cover, which incidentally, is not actually in the book) and Warhol pop art, here are the other artists in the book:

Guiseppe Arcimboldo
Katsushike Hokusai
Edgar Degas
Henri Rousseau
Wassily Kadinsky
Paul Klee
Deigo Rivera
Henry Moore
Kenojuak Ashevak

A Summer Art Plan

This is the perfect book for summer,” I thought to myself. “We can shoot for one project a week (that, of course will change, because summer never goes according to schedule) and even invite different friends over to join us.

Doing these kind of projects regularly at our house along with our daily school schedule, with four kids, including the newly curious three year old, would leave me flustered.  But after a year of trying to get the shadows and shading and realism just right, this looks like a great way to play with art this summer.

What are your favorite resources for art?



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