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Counting Down Advent With Books

Posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 in Christmas, Good Reads

For years I’ve been adding to our Christmas book library, and it all began with one book.  While pregnant with our first child, I worked as the special orders clerk for a bookstore.  As the only soon-to-be-mother employee, any free children’s books that arrived for the staff ended up on my desk.

Who knew that the first Christmas book, Mooseltoe, would be delighting our fourth child a decade later?

Our collection is a hodge podge of pure silliness, to beautifully illustrated, to heart inspiring.

A few years ago I began a tradition of wrapping one of our beloved books for each day of December first through the 25th.

Each day a child unwraps a book and we read it and count down one day closer to Christmas.

I’ve found it stays exciting if I’m always mixing in a few new treasures (old treasures, really, from the thrift store and used bookstore) with our old ones.

Here’s a list of our favorites (in no particular order of most loved):

Picture Books

Chapter Books and Collections

Note to Myself, Books to try next year:

  • Star Mother’s Youngest Child by Louise Moeri
  • The Animals Christmas by Anne Thaxter Eaton
  • Christmas Long Ago from A to Z by Bobbie Kalman
  • Christ in Christmas: A Family Advent Celebration by James C. Dobson, Charles R. Swindoll

    The longer chapter and story collection books have not been wrapped, we’ve been reading chapter by chapter through them each day while unwrapping a picture book to read as well.

    Whether you wrap them or check them out from the library, here’s wishing you many days of hot chocolate and good stories.

    Do you have any favorite Christmas books that I need to add to my library?

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