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Do the Summer Reading Stretch

Posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 in Reading, Summer

In our family we have:

  • 1 ten year old who loves to read a great variety of books, including biographies for fun
  • 1 eight year old who loves to read and has greatly improved in her endurance and skills in the past two years, but who still gravitates toward the Magic Treehouse series if left to her own wiles.  She resists books that might be a bit challenging.
  • 1 six year old who is struggling, still on the upside of the slope, and I’m underneath giving him a leg up.
  • And a two year old who thinks she can read chapter books.

For the struggling readers in our family we’ve devised the summer saturday morning bookstore which I’ve written about in the past and I might share about again soon.

But to enlarge the reading world of our elder two, I found this idea for Book Bingo.  Inspired by the idea, I created two bingo cards with a mixture of categories and specific book titles.

When the girls read five books in a row, they get to pick an extra book from our saturday bookstore.   I like to keep reading rewards related to reading, so a grab bag filled with books would also be great.  But you might have ideas that better suit your family.

I chose the types of books and book titles based on my individual children, their strengths and weaknesses.

I then laminated the cards and gave them smiley stickers to mark the boxes as they read a book.

I also created a list with a few recommended books for the categories on the Bingo card.  Many of these I haven’t read, I just pulled them from the Sonlight booklist, which I like to refer to occasionally.

You can take a closer look at the Bingo Cards by downloading them here: Book Bingo.

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