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Quiet Times For Kids: A Review

Posted on Friday, February 11, 2011 in Studying the Word


We’ve been using resources from Quiet Times for Kids and we’ve been so pleased with them, I wanted to share why and how they’ve worked for our family.

Quiet Times for Kids Proverbs Bible Study from Volume 1


“Proverbs is like a completely different book to me now.”

Spoken by Mookie, our ten year old, after sharing Day 24 of her Proverbs Study during dinner a few nights ago.

I think Proverbs is a different book for all of us after enjoying the treasures these girls have found in their daily Bible study .

Here’s what works about the Proverbs Bible Study:

  • SIMPLICITY: It’s simple and therefore the focus remains on the Word.  Each day the girls read a chapter of Proverbs and pick a verse that stands out to them (different for each girl).  After they copy a verse, they answer one question about the meaning of the verse,  and another question on how to apply the verse to their own life.  Then they illustrate the verse.  It’s takes about twenty minutes.  At first the printed sheet, in my parent’s eye, looked almost too simple.  But in this case, simplicity brings out the beauty and truth of the chosen verse.
  • It’s INDEPENDENT.  Quiet Times for Kids suggests their studies for ages 5 and up but I’m glad we didn’t start earlier than age 8. Independent with the skills of writing and reading and illustrating, they’re able to conduct their own time with the Lord, which has impacted their relationships with God. (Our five year old feels left out when his big sister’s share their Proverbs at dinner time, so we made him a simplified version to use with Leading Little Ones to God, which he and I read together.  He dictates his answers and then illustrates the lesson.  We could have followed this method with the book of Proverbs, but I think it will have more meaning to him in a few years, when it’s independent and the Lord is directing his heart.)
  • APPLICATION: In the beginning their applications for the verses were very general and seemed to have little to do with their own daily life.  As the weeks have gone on their illustrations and applications have gotten very specific. Proverbs is a great book to make a connection from the Word to life.  ”Oh, Mommy, wait til you hear this, this is a great one for our family.” “This one fits so perfect for today!”
  • ILLUSTRATION: Hands down, this is their favorite part.

There isn’t anything we haven’t liked about this study!

Here are a few examples:

The Verse:


The Illustration:


The Verse:


The Illustration:


The Verse:


The Illustration:


Quiet Times for Kids Advent Study

It’s post-Christmas and you’re glad to be done with your projects and activities for last year’s holiday, but I have to tell you how much we enjoyed this study.

In the evening the kids would open a Prophecy Bag (prepared earlier in the day by me) which contained an object  as a clue, an Old Testament prophecy verse, and the new testament verse that revealed how the prophecy came true through Jesus (each verse was wrapped like a tiny scroll, the kids enjoyed unrolling them).

The next morning the girls got out the one page Bible Study and copied those same two verses down and then using a timeline, learned how many years had passed between the prophecy and it’s fulfillment and then illustrated the verses.


Although we knew some of the more famous prophecies, by the time we were done, we had learned 24 prophecies fulfilled in Jesus!  And the last day is a prophecy of Jesus’ return, building upon the idea that God has faithfully carried out the other prophecies and He will continue to do so.

The whole family enjoyed learning together and looked forward to opening the bag each night around our Advent Candles. Preparing the bags was a bit time consuming but worth it and can be brought out again next year.  Each day of the Bible Study also contains an Advent idea such as a way to bless a family member or a hymn to memorize.

Quiet Times for Kids Sermon Notes from Volume 1

We’ve started using the Sermon Notes from Volume 1 to help the kids stay focused and listen to the best of their ability during the church service.  There are several different versions to choose from and we chose one style for the 10 year old, who had already begun taking notes on her own, and a different version for the 5 and 8 year old.

In the first version, the child picks a key verse, takes notes on the blank lines, and then illustrates the verse.  Really she was doing this on her own, but it’s nice to have a notebook containing all of her notes and ready to go on Sunday morning.

The second version also has room for a key verse, and five lines to record important words they hear, and a place to illustrate. This has been great for my almost six year old who, to my surprise, has been writing down words on his own during the sermon for the last month.  (And then he gets distracted and waits sometimes patiently and sometimes very impatiently until the end of the sermon just like a normal young boy!)

Final Thoughts

The Advent Study and Volume 1 and 2 are available in printed form or digitally right to your computer. We opted for the latter so that we can print as many times as we want for multiple children.  I can see our family doing the Proverbs study once a year, discovering entirely new gems in a new season of life. It would have been difficult to purchase this volume full price, we happen to catch them during a sale.

We look at these studies and think, “These are simple, why didn’t we just make these ourselves?” But we didn’t even think of them because we’re busy with all of that life brings us. We’re so glad this family has used their gifts and time to put together these resources, because they’ve impacted our children for Christ.

You can try a week long sample Bible Study for free, just click over to Quiet Times for Kids.

*I was not asked to review this product or compensated in any way.  We simply want to pass on resources that bless our family.

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