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Picasso Goes Olympic

Posted on Friday, February 19, 2010 in Art

This week’s exploration of Picasso took us into his Blue Period.


Attempting to create an emotion with a color, we did this art project found through our Artist Study Guide.

The basic idea is to create a portrait with a strong black outline and then choose one color(with the addition of black and white available for a variety of shades) to fill in the areas.  There were three reactions:

9 year old mookie: Looked disappointed, as if the project wasn’t excited enough.  She ended up LOVING the project, see her artwork below.

7 year Jellybean: Had the same response she does with any project that has rules.  She bucked and procrastinated and finally agreed to make one portrait as the project directed and then do it her way with another portrait outline after we finished the first painting.  She will always resist learning technique but in the end she always adds the technique to her tool belt for her own endeavors.

4 year old Drummer Boy: The dear boy, this was probably a little advanced for him at the age when more color means more fun.  He did a fantastic drawing but then felt frustrated by the colors he was producing with his choice.  He ended up starting a new sketch and followed Mookie’s painting.  (Which was a compliment to mookie, but she was frustrated anyway).

And the outcome?

Jellybean(She’s completed the outline for the 2nd painting, but hasn’t painted it yet, I’ll try to post it when it’s done):


Mookie, inspired by the nights of watching the Olympics, grabbed the red.  We’re sending this one to Mr. Shaun White, Snowboarding Gold Medalist.

IMG_0301Buttermilk Mountain

And Drummer Boy inspired by his big sister.(Do you see the eyes way at the top and he had to write Shaun’s name just like his sister).


This was a great project and very accessible for elementary age students.  I was itching to give it a try myself(I like the challenge of rules), but the baby on my back had other plans.

Bring on the comments

  1. Jimmie says:

    I loved this post the first time I saw it, and revisiting it, I realized that your Artist Study Guide is my very own lens.

    Anyway, I’m linking to your blog entry on that very same lens.

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